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Diversity Advocates

Advocating for the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

The Diversity Advocates program gives faculty and staff an opportunity to engage in active learning around diversity, equity, and inclusion, assist in the planning of diversity education and awareness on campus, and be an advocate for the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. This program is a diversity and inclusion learning community focused on equipping faculty and staff with diversity-related skills and strategies in order to be active in building and supporting diversity, inclusion and equity on campus. By participating in this program, advocates become empowered change agents. Diversity Advocates also help the university identify diversity and inclusion needs and gaps at ESU and bring us closer to our Strategic Plan Goal 5.

Charge: Assist in maintaining awareness of opportunities, needs, concerns, and accomplishments related to diversity and inclusion at Emporia State University and helping the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion remain informed about what is happening and/or emerging in regard to diversity, equity, and inclusion.


  • Create conversations about diversity from an intergroup dialogue framework;
  • Conduct educational programs on and off campus within individual expertise and disciplines that support a constructive dialogue about issues, including but not limited to stereotypes, race, ethnicity, culture, religion, sexual orientation, gender, immigration status, disability, and socioeconomic status;
  • Serve as representatives, advocates, and liaisons for inclusive excellence within departments; 
  • Work with others in their department and across campus to ensure curricula, co-curricular activities, department practices, and programming are mindful of current issues;
  • Work with others in their department to coordinate DEI (Diversity Equity Inclusion) events and promote them throughout campus and the community.

Diversity Advocates Members

Meet ESU's Diversity Advocates.