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Student Health Services Health Insurance Information

All students are encouraged to carry health insurance

Health Insurance Information

All students are encouraged to carry health insurance. Many students are covered by a parent's policy or by an employer-sponsored plan. Emporia State University students who meet eligibility requirements have the option of purchasing Health Insurance through a Kansas Board of Regents-contracted company, United Healthcare-Student Resources. For plan information visit the website at or contact the insurance company directly at 1-888-344-6104, or contact Student Wellness Center at 620-341-5222.

To be eligible for this plan, undergraduate students must be taking at least 6 hours of classes on campus. Graduate students taking 3 credit hours per semester on campus, participants in a school approved/sponsored internship, and students with a qualifying Graduate Teaching, Graduate Research or Graduate Administrative Assistantship are eligible to enroll in this insurance plan.

Frequently asked questions about Health Insurance

Why Should I have Health Insurance?

Regardless of how healthy you are now, medical problems can occur suddenly and can be very expensive. The price of health insurance is low compared to an emergency hospital visit or accident.

I lost my United Healthcare-Student Resources insurance card, how can I get another one?

Log on to their website and go to online services. Log in and print a new card.

I purchased the Student Resources plan, but got a bill from the local hospital for lab and x-ray?

United Healthcare-Student Resources normally pays for 100% of charges incurred at the Student Health Center, with a co-pay for lab and prescription services. Charges incurred elsewhere are normally paid at 60-80% of "usual and customary" charges after the deductible has been paid. The deductible is an amount you must pay before the insurance begins to pay their portion of the claim. Deductibles are $500 to $1,000 depending which plan you have. Contact United Healthcare-Student Resources for further information. If you have questions regarding your bill, please stop by the Student Wellness Center and speak to Carrie Armstrong or Mary McDaniel Anschutz for further assistance.

I just found out I'm pregnant. Will the United Healthcare-Student Resources plan still cover me?

Yes, the plan covers maternity.

How can I find out if my United Healthcare-Student Resources plan is current?

Call the company at 1-888-344-6104 or go to

What benefits does my Student Resources policy provide?

Contact the company at 1-888-344-6104 or go to You may also stop by the Student Wellness Center and speak to Mary McDaniel Anschutz.

How to utilize your parents’ health insurance at college

  1. Make sure you have one of their insurance cards, or at least a copy (both sides of the card).
  2. If you are not the primary card holder (for example if one of your parents or your spouse is the primary card holder), be sure to have the name, address, and date of birth, including year, of the primary card holder.
  3. If the parents’ insurance requires you to only have prescriptions written by your primary care doc back home, (or referrals from him/her for X-Rays, etc.) make sure you have her/his phone number.
  4. We will bill your insurance first, then bill your student account for any remainder after we are reimbursed by insurance. However, remember that if you have paid campus privilege fees, you will not be charged more than $10 for an office visit after your insurance has reimbursed Health Services. For lab and procedures, any remainder not reimbursed by your insurance company will also be billed to your student account.